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A Sneak Peek of Pirch

Yesterday was the media preview of Pirch, the new home plumbing and appliance store opening to the public this Saturday at NorthPark Center, and a few lucky D Home staffers were able to get a sneak peek of the space. The California-based company has made their Texas debut in a big, beautiful way, with a store that’s high on style and low on pressure, with an emphasis on experience. They carry the best brands in fridges, faucets, stoves, showers, and more, and they partner with more than 50 brands of cabinetry-, countertop-, and tile-makers to make it a one-stop kitchen, bath, and outdoor wonderland.

So what should you know before you visit?

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In The Garden: Fall Greens

Even though we’re finally hitting 100 degree temps in Dallas, it’s already time to start thinking about your fall garden. By mid-August, you should be shopping for seeds to plant your cool season salad greens. If temperatures come down a bit by the end of August, you can start sowing seeds of lettuce, arugula, kale, and other greens. If it still feels like an oven by then, wait until mid-September to sow. Either way, now’s the time to get planning! Here’s some advice on how to do it.

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BoConcept is Moving to the Knox/Henderson Area

Contemporary furniture shop BoConcept is leaving their Design District digs behind to join some of our favorite McKinney Ave shops (think Nest, Jonathan Adler, and Design within Reach). This move is good news for all of you out there looking to score some deals: they are having a huge sale. Seriously, this is big. Floor models are up […]

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At Home with Tracy Martin Taylor: No Family Pictures, Ever!

Tracy Martin Taylor, the decor maven behind Eleven 11 Design, wants to help you beautify your home in 2014. Once a month she’ll be stopping by the D Home world headquarters to share a little interior design insight with us. Today, lets talk family rooms.

We just left a meeting with a new client; they are a fab family of 6 and growing. Kids rule the roost and the energy and fun vibe is contagious. There are kids on the trampoline and little girlies dressed like princesses float in and out of our meeting at the kitchen table. I love it. The best part of seeing a home ‘in action’ is that I can get a feel for how the family really lives. While strategizing about the vision for the design plan, this super mom was telling me about the rule she had heard regarding family pictures and decorating: No one wants to see your family pictures; they should stay in the bedrooms or upstairs hallway but not where visitors will see. This makes me crazy. Fortunately, super mom and I agree.

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10 Most Beautiful: 9106 Lake Highlands Dr.

If you’re like us, when you drive a street lined with traditional piles of brick with pointed roofs and paned windows, and then you happen upon a simple square-shaped structure with uninterrupted lines, you stop in your tracks and purr, “Finally, something different.”

But here’s the thing about modern houses: As much as we love them, when you start to look at a lot of them one after another (and we did, as it’s a favorite style among the D Home staffers), you start to notice that contemporary houses can start to look alike. Cubist structures composed of some configuration of plated glass and shiny steel and cherry-colored wood start to become somewhat predictable.

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iSpy: Colorful Tabletop Accessories from GAIA

As product of Generation Y, internet shopping is one of my weaknesses. That’s why I love my iPhone—I can shop from the comfort of my bed, spotting fabulous interior design finds on Facebook, Instagram, and beyond. Here’s my most recent find, colorful tabletop accessories from GAIA

Dining al fresco this weekend? You need some new napkins. Having a fancy dinner party soon? No table is complete without napkin rings. Luckily, GAIA has all your tabletop needs covered—even better, you know your money is going toward a good cause.

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