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Top 5 Pins This Week

A quick study of the week’s most popular pins is always a pretty good indicator of what’s on top of people’s minds right now. This week, it was pools. Yes, we did just pin quite a few palatable looking pools, but people were really digging them. It is Memorial Day Weekend after all, despite what Dallas’ weather is telling us. People also apparently like cactus art. Let’s dive in, shall we?

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DIY Wednesday: Sharpie Mugs

This is part of a regular series in which I attempt (operative word) D.I.Y. projects and bring you, dear reader, the results. The good. The bad. And the hideous. I’ll offer step-by-step instructions so that you can D.I.Y. along with me.

Based on the frequency with which the Sharpie mug DIY appears in my Pinterest feed, it seems as though people really feel the need to express themselves on their drinking instruments and there’s a dearth of mugs on the market that can adequately get their sentiments across. A Sharpie mug, for the uninitiated, is a mug. That you draw on. With Sharpie. And then drink drinks from. End of DIY!

Well, it’s almost that simple.

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Dallas Artist LaToya Jones Creates Paintings That Rock (Literally)

Any trip to Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio is a guaranteed feast for the eyes. With  detailed vignettes created by so many talented designers and artists, you know something is truly special when it stands out amongst all the greatness. Such was the case with a particular painting in the Ellie Visconti + Pettigrew vignette. The mixed media piece was wonderfully complex, with expressive layers and rich textures that completely captivated me. I loved it. Everyone I was with loved it. But we were all mystified as to how someone could create such a piece. Luckily, the artist, LaToya Jones, was standing right behind me, and she was lovely enough to tell me more about her pieces, the unique process she uses to make them (there’s fire involved), and what inspired her to begin creating.

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In The Garden: Time for Tropicals

If you’re looking to create a tropical feel in your landscape, now’s the time. The bit of sunshine we’re finally getting combined with the high humidity is certainly making Dallas feel pretty tropical right now. May through early June is prime time for you snap up your favorite tropical plants at your local garden center. Tropical hibiscus, mandevilla, allamanda and bouganvilla are just a few of the most popular tropicals you’ll find. But there are so many more to choose from.

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15 Picture Perfect Pools to Ease You Into Summer

Growing up in the South, Memorial Day weekend meant one thing: the pool was open. I was a proud pool rat. I spent my days consuming fried chicken and slushies on my parents’ bill. I was an adequate member of the swim team. I got chummy with the lifeguards (special perks, y’all!) until I could become one myself. Yes, summers were all about the life aquatic, and Memorial Day was the gateway.

So what better way to welcome the upcoming holiday weekend than with photos of some gorgeous pools lifted right from the pages of past D Home issues. These lucky people don’t even have to wait for Memorial Day to take a dip. I bet they don’t have slushies though.

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Book Club: The Perfect Letter

Are you the kind of person who would spend two hours on a Monday night and an additional hour on a Tuesday night watching a documentary program called The Bachelorette? Have I got the book for you! Master of The Bachelor/Bachelorette Ceremonies Chris Harrison has written a romance novel called The Perfect Letter. I confess, I have not read it because 1) I do not believe in true love and 2) I do not have a copy yet. But from the reviews—okay, I only read this one—it doesn’t sound bad! I will be getting a signed copy on Thursday night (brag alert!!), and I will read it over the weekend if anyone would like to form a book club with roses and rose water and Rosé and discuss.

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Hot Property: 5638 Gaston Avenue

I’d be sold solely on the yellow door and dainty details, but what’s going on behind the façade is just as lovely. Beautifully renovated with exceptional attention to detail, every room in 5638 Gaston Avenue is teeming with personality. Stained glass windows and oriental rugs effortlessly cohabitate with high-tech showerheads and granite counters. And with a backyard that looks like it was made for entertaining, it would be easy to find ways to subtly reference my home’s history of attractiveness to a captive, party-going audience. “Yes, you may have another pig in blanket. And yes, you may admire one of Dallas’ most beautiful homes.”

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