Enhancing the Living Experience: Luxury Consumption Growth Leads to New Possibilities for Your Home

A recent study showed that luxury consumption is expected to grow from $985.5 billion to $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years1.  Luxury purchases for the home, in the form of high-end appliances and furnishings fall into this trend. This growing number of luxury consumers is bringing professional-level appliances and techniques seen in culinary entertainment […]

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At Home with Tracy Martin Taylor: Are You Obsessed?

Tracy Martin Taylor, the decor maven behind Eleven 11 Design, wants to help you beautify your home in 2014. Once a month she’ll be stopping by the D Home world headquarters to share a little interior design insight with us. This lovely Tuesday, we’re talking about our interior design obsessions. 

Last week, one of our newlywed clients was musing about how she and her husband have started collecting items from their travels. Starting their new life together seems a fitting beginning to a collection of things truly love. Décor obsessions are often the most personal, unique, and interesting elements of your home. As long as obsession doesn’t become hoarding (you know who you are), you’re good to go.

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In The Garden: 5 Summer Watering Tips

So it has gotten a little toasty over the last week or so. Not that we don’t expect intense heat in July, it’s just that we got spoiled with a really mild spring and June! You may have noticed your garden plants drying out very quickly in the 100 degree temps. With water restrictions in place, it’s important to apply water to our landscapes with conservation in mind. So I thought I’d offer up a few tips to help you keep your landscape through the heat.

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Pamela Jackson and Jeremi Headrick’s Favorite Things

Pamela Jackson and Jeremi Headrick are here to help you. House not smelling so fresh? Need a quick gift that will please even your pickiest friends? Or how about some design services? This duo does it all. On top of their full service design and decorating firm, Jackson Vaughn, Pamela and Jeremi are also the masterminds behind Society, the candles and more shop in the Bishop Arts District.

So what are their favorite things during this hot hot summer? We’ve got the scoop—which includes a lot of local places. Read on for more.

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