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Great [Easter] Eggspectations: Add a Subtle Egg Touch to Your Home

Easter is fast approaching, which means a lot of things really, but there’s one thing that you can be sure of: you’re about to see a lot of eggs. You’re going to paint them, you’re going to hunt them, and you’re going to try to hang them in various places around your home. Eggs are hot right now, but just in case you’re getting a little tired of the pastel, plastic shells, we scouted a few slightly more subtle, out-of-the-box ways to add a little “egg” to your home.

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Hot Property: 40 Braewood Place

You know what would be cool? If every time someone walked into your home you could say, “Oh this old place? Yes, it’s quite lovely. It actually earned Oglesby-Green the AIA Dallas Architecture Firm of the Year award in 2010. But we just think of it as, you know, ‘home’.” I personally would enjoy rattling that phrase off verbatim on a regular basis, and for just under a cool $9 million dollars, I could.

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Real Estate Report: What $2.5 Million Buys You in Dallas

I was looking for two things when putting together this week’s Real Estate Report. First: three properties valued between $2.5 and $2 million. Secondly, I wanted to see high-rises. It’s no secret that many are migrating out of the suburbs and into Dallas’ more urban areas, especially with all the development happening in Downtown and Uptown. So without further adieu, here’s what $2.5 million can buy you in Dallas: the high-rise edition.

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Top Five Pins This Week

I like to think our Pinterest page tells a little story. This week’s popular pins start off rather gray—and I mean that as a compliment. Perhaps everyone’s been binging on House of Cards season 3 and getting inspired by the all-neutral-errthing color palette (I mean, can we talk about Claire’s amazing wardrobe?), or maybe it’s just the gray weather we’ve been having. But things start out pretty dramatic.

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