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Hot Property: A Lesson on Style in a Small Space

Richard Graziano’s Lakewood home is 1,266 square feet (it’s also for sale, just so you know). Tucked away in a cul-de-sac, 6780 Patrick Circle is less than a mile away from White Rock Lake and “doesn’t feel like it’s in the middle of Dallas,” according to the homeowner. And while some would consider the space […]

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Hot Property: We Think this Tudor-style Home Is Beautiful

Would you like to live in a home certified for its beauty by the D Home editorial team? Of course you would—and you’re in luck! This charming Tudor-style home, which we selected as one of the most beautiful in Dallas in 2009, is on the market for a very cool $1.5 million. And while we wouldn’t always encourage you to judge a book by its cover, this time we did a great job—the home is just as spectacular on the inside.

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10 Most Beautiful: 8200 Forest Hills

Sometimes you just need a little tradition in your life. Or at least that’s how the editors of D Home were feeling when we selected 8200 Forest Hills Blvd. as one of the most beautiful homes in Dallas. While there isn’t anything edgy or super-trendy about the home’s design, that’s what we like about it—it’s a classic, never going out of style.

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10 Most Beautiful: 6005 Swiss Ave.

Sometimes, the D Home editors have to team up when we’re running the roads in search of beautiful homes so as to prevent car accidents, un-usable scouting shots, or the recording of wrong addresses. (All of these unfortunate things have happened in the past.) So I was lucky enough to have JJ drive me around several neighborhoods one fine spring day. We sipped sodas and discussed important matters (television shows, if you must know), but all sipping and discussion ceased when we happened upon this super happy house on Swiss Avenue. You should drive by it in-person. Even if you’re in a bad mood, it really will make you happy.

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10 Most Beautiful: 9106 Lake Highlands Dr.

If you’re like us, when you drive a street lined with traditional piles of brick with pointed roofs and paned windows, and then you happen upon a simple square-shaped structure with uninterrupted lines, you stop in your tracks and purr, “Finally, something different.”

But here’s the thing about modern houses: As much as we love them, when you start to look at a lot of them one after another (and we did, as it’s a favorite style among the D Home staffers), you start to notice that contemporary houses can start to look alike. Cubist structures composed of some configuration of plated glass and shiny steel and cherry-colored wood start to become somewhat predictable.

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10 Most Beautiful: 4004 Miramar

Growing up in the Park Cities exposed me to a plethora of beautiful homes. But there was always one I couldn’t get out of my head—4004 Miramar. It’s the only Park Cities residence to make it on our 10 Most Beautiful Homes list this year, and the more we learned about the modern beauty, the more we fell in love.

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