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Making Dallas Even Better

What You Can Buy in Old East Dallas

It’s not just gracefully aging homes in Old East Dallas. Thanks to the growing popularity of the neighborhoods surrounding it (i.e. Lower Greenville, Uptown, and Downtown), the history-filled hood between Henderson and Fitzhugh Avenues is drawing more young professionals and families looking for apartments, townhomes, or newly renovated abodes. Blame it on the wide array of home shapes, sizes, and styles—or the storied lanes that stay lively thanks to the joggers, strollers, or bikers who turn out to enjoy them. Either way, there are plenty of places to settle. Here, we show you a sample.

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Hot Property: Luxurious, Sustainable Living in University Park

Sometimes, our featured “Hot Property” is a “quaint,” lovely little abode that looks like it would fit just as well in a fairy tale as it would on the streets of Dallas. Some hot properties are grander, with extensive square footage and Carrera marble. This “hot property” bucks both descriptions, opting instead, for descriptors such as “functional,” “interactive,” and in our opinion, just plain “gorgeous.”

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What You Can Buy in Lake Highlands

Between the scenic Flag Pole Hill, with its killer view of White Rock Lake, and quick access to big city, there’s a perfect corner for anyone interested in comfortable, relatively affordable family living in Lake Highlands. Now that Northeast Dallas’ hidden gem isn’t quite so hidden, new modern homes are beginning to blend with those built closer to the 1950s. If you’re looking for a home within the sprawling no longer as hidden gem in Northeast Dallas, we’ve collected a few to give you a taste for where you can settle.

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Hot Property: Mid-Century Modern in Midway Hollow

Nestled in the increasingly popular Midway Hollow neighborhood just north of Love Field, this gorgeous mid-century modern-style home at 4016 Lively Lane boasts some seriously sleek features. An abundance of large windows lights up the home’s open floor plan, providing top-notch views of its incredibly cool patio. Designed with a modern pergola, the outdoor space can be accessed from almost every room of the one-story house, including the impressive, window-lined master suite.

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What You Can Buy in Downtown Dallas

Thanks to a flood of investment, old buildings are transforming into shiny mixed-used developments and new shops, restaurants, and bars are making their way to the city center. Downtown Dallas is becoming a live-work-play community all its own, so we’ve done a little research to help you get a taste for where you can conquer the “live” aspect.

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Hot Property: Rare High-Rise in One Arts Plaza

There are a lot of things that could earn a property the honor of being considered “hot.” For some, it’s all about the location. Square footage or big backyards are often a focus for others. But sometimes, simply throwing around the words “rare” and “luxurious” are all it takes. Such is the case with this gorgeous 5,000-square-foot home in One Arts Plaza.

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