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10 Most Beautiful: 9106 Lake Highlands Dr.

If you’re like us, when you drive a street lined with traditional piles of brick with pointed roofs and paned windows, and then you happen upon a simple square-shaped structure with uninterrupted lines, you stop in your tracks and purr, “Finally, something different.”

But here’s the thing about modern houses: As much as we love them, when you start to look at a lot of them one after another (and we did, as it’s a favorite style among the D Home staffers), you start to notice that contemporary houses can start to look alike. Cubist structures composed of some configuration of plated glass and shiny steel and cherry-colored wood start to become somewhat predictable.

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10 Most Beautiful: 4004 Miramar

Growing up in the Park Cities exposed me to a plethora of beautiful homes. But there was always one I couldn’t get out of my head—4004 Miramar. It’s the only Park Cities residence to make it on our 10 Most Beautiful Homes list this year, and the more we learned about the modern beauty, the more we fell in love.

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10 Most Beautiful: 6906 Lakewood Boulevard

I have driven down Lakewood Boulevard more times than I can count. My husband grew up on the street and we have been making the trek to his parents house–almost weekly—for the nine years we’ve been together. And every time we round the bend at Lakewood and Lakeshore, I do a double take. I don’t know if it’s the freshly manicured grounds, the interesting half-timbering detail on just the one side of the house (why the one side? all a part of the mystique, I guess), or the crisp, white stone veneer exterior that makes me happy.

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10 Most Beautiful: 3620 Vintage Place

I mean. How charming is this beauty? Someone in our meeting said it looked like a house that elves would live in, and let me be clear: It was meant in the most complimentary of ways. We really like elves.

Let’s talk about that roofline. It’s the first thing you notice, and you can’t help but be charmed by its unpretentious, welcoming aesthetic and its unconventional curve. Something about it reminds me of a girl in a curtsy, as though the house is coquettishly grateful to be being admired. It knows it’s cute, and it’s not afraid to flirt.

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Hot Property: 4915 Nashwood Lane

We love contemporary homes (if want a list of our favorites, check out the 10 Most Beautiful Homes of past and present). This one caught our eye because of all the cool shapes and angles that create the exterior facade, along with the mixed materials. The inside is equally as unique—think blonde hardwood floors, large windows for natural lighting, an awesomely huge closet, and a spacious covered porch overlooking a gorgeous pool.

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10 Most Beautiful: 6657 Lakewood Dr.

This house in particular jumped out at me for a couple of reasons. Of course, that pair of twisted columns in the front catches your eye right away, as does the vivid Spanish tile roof. I’m also a sucker for a stained glass window. Maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing, I don’t know. But something about that one mismatched window and the way it mimics the rounded arches between the banisters pleases my eye.

But maybe my favorite facet of this 84-year-old gem is the well-manicured ivy. Ivy’s one of those things that either works on a house or it doesn’t. It’s like a man with a beard. And this house wears it with confidence.

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