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In The Garden: Prevent Mosquitoes Now

Mosquitoes are a fact of life here in Dallas, but this year it looks like we’re in for a bumper crop. The continual rainfall this spring has turned Dallas into prime breeding ground for these biting pests. Mosquitoes are coming out in droves and are going to make it tough for you to enjoy any outdoor time once the storms pass.

While you may feel there is little you can do to stop the mosquito invasion, there are actually some simply treatments you can use to stop mosquitoes in their tracks. While adult mosquitoes can be sprayed with chemical treatments, or repelled with natural sprays, it can be difficult to successfully control them in this manner. Prevention is always the best medicine.

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In The Garden: Time for Tropicals

If you’re looking to create a tropical feel in your landscape, now’s the time. The bit of sunshine we’re finally getting combined with the high humidity is certainly making Dallas feel pretty tropical right now. May through early June is prime time for you snap up your favorite tropical plants at your local garden center. Tropical hibiscus, mandevilla, allamanda and bouganvilla are just a few of the most popular tropicals you’ll find. But there are so many more to choose from.

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In The Garden: Enchanting Orange Flowers

Orange isn’t always the most popular of flower colors but it can definitely spice up a lackluster space. Orange is the color of creativity and joy and it brings both to the garden. Depending on the season there are a number of beautiful orange blooming plants that perform well in Dallas gardens.

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Meet Acclaimed Interior Designer Charlotte Moss Tonight

If you should suddenly become inspired to take a stroll in downtown Dallas today, you’ll be treated to something truly beautiful. I can say this with confidence because the lovely thing in question is Neiman Marcus’ newly decorated windows inspired by the release of Charlotte Moss’ new book, Garden Inspirations.

Filled with beautiful shots of the interior design doyenne’s own personal garden in East Hampton, Garden Inspirations shows the myriad of ways in which gardens provide inspiration both indoors and outdoors. It’s certainly a passion project for Moss, who has spent 25 years cultivating her glorious New York garden. Today, she’ll be at the Neiman Marcus flagship for a book signing from 6 – 8pm, but ahead of the event, she graciously sat down with me to talk all things gardening, traveling, and what she loves most about our fair city.

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In The Garden: Designing for Dusk

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to spending some quality time on the patio once all this rain passes! Dusk is a particularly lovely time to enjoy the outdoors and the garden. When the sun is bright, our gardens are full of color and texture; once the sun begins to set, however, the color fades. White flowers can bring beauty, intensity and fragrance to the dusk and nighttime garden. A few of my favorite white night-time plants include…

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