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Making Dallas Even Better

In The Garden: Flavors of Fall

Can you feel it? Fall is just around the corner; and so are fresh fall flavors. With temperatures starting to dip a bit and a bit of rainfall coming our way, now’s the time to get a jump on fall veggies in the garden.

It’s a tad bit too warm to start planting transplants of cool season veggies into the garden, as they may succumb to heat stress; but you can start direct seeding many crops outdoors.

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In The Garden: Almost Off The Grid

I do a lot of travel for work during the summer months each year and while doing so I get the opportunity to see a lot of cool gardens; both private and public. A few weeks ago I was up in Baltimore for a conference and had the opportunity to tour a unique almost-off-the-grid private home. The homeowners wanted a new modern home, but didn’t want to leave their beloved neighborhood. So they tore down their old house and built a new “green” home and landscape in its place. It’s the sort of home and garden I’d love to see more of in Dallas.

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In The Garden: Bring the Green Indoors

It’s too dang hot outside. I don’t blame you if you want nothing to do with your outdoor garden at the moment. So why not take a break from the heat and focus your green thumb on your indoor garden? Now is a great time to refresh the indoors with some easy-care houseplants. Here are […]

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In The Garden: Water Smart this Summer

It’s officially hot in Dallas. With temperatures heating up beyond 100 F, lawns and landscape plants are very suddenly feeling the stress. We went from an overabundance of rainfall and soil saturation to dry weather and extreme heat. You may have noticed that all of a sudden, your lawn has started to curl and wilt […]

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In The Garden: More on Rose Rosette Disease

Be sure to check out this month’s print issue of D Home for my article on rose rosette disease. If you have roses in your landscape, you’re going to need to get up to speed on this devastating disease. Here are a few photos I promised to offer up so you can better diagnose rose rosette in your own garden.

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In The Garden: Plant Your Fall Tomatoes

Ok, so the incredibly wet spring season wasn’t exactly friendly to our tomato plants. If you managed to escape without plants covered in early blight disease, count yourself very lucky! The constant rainfall and humidity has been a godsend for fungal diseases, such as early blight. If you’re tired of looking at your raggedy spring tomato plants then you’re in luck: It’s the perfect time to plant fall tomatoes. That’s the upside of our crazy climate here in Dallas – we get two tomato growing seasons. If you mess up with your spring crop, you get a second change.  planting a second crop mid-July will help you extend your harvest through November. Rip up those old plants, throw them in the compost bin and get planting.

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