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In The Garden: Fall is Fruitful

When you think of a fruit trees and their bounty, it often evokes thoughts of springtime blooms and summertime harvests. So with that perfect peach cobbler in mind, we run to the garden centers in spring looking for produce plants. If you’ve done this you may have found yourself picking over less than peachy plant inventory. Why so? Fall and winter are the best times to plant fruit trees and when you’ll find the best selection of available plants. Come spring, you’re often stuck with the leftovers.

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Best of Big D: Cebolla’s Floral & Gift Selection

We nominated, you voted, and now the results are in. Here are the winners in our annual search for Dallas’ finest florist, butcher, tailor, gift shop, party rentals, and more. Blue Print was selected as the best black for coffee table books, and here’s why. Click here to see all of our Best of Big D winners

You just remembered your friend’s birthday dinner is in two hours, and you don’t have a gift or card. Where to get all of the above in one fell swoop? You guessed it: our favorite floral shop. Choose from ready-made European-style arrangements and plants, pick up a sweet card to pen a memorable message, and add a delightful-smelling Tatine candle, and you will be the belle of the birthday dinner.

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In The Garden: Autumn is Sweet

It’s about that time of year when I start getting texts and emails with this question: “Hey, what’s that white stuff blooming all over White Rock Lake Park?” If you’ve taken a spin around White Rock lately, or perhaps live near creeks or other “wild” areas, you too may have noticed the “white stuff.”

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In The Garden: Ebony Makes A Subtle Splash

Creating harmony within chaos in a garden setting can be accomplished through creating anchors for your eyes. A resting place, if you will. Sometimes these anchors are specific features, such as statues, fountains, or pergolas. Sometimes the anchor can be a specific color. Ebony, or black, is one of my favorite garden anchor colors. You might be thinking “Black? What a horrible choice for a garden!” However, using ebony as an accent or anchor color in a garden can bring about a very soothing effect. It’s both sophisticated and calm and allows your plants to be the star of the show.

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In The Garden: Peppers Abound? Try Pickling…

I can’t imagine a summer garden without an abundance of peppers. Peppers, both hot and mild, are easy to grow and can be planted through the summer months. There are many varieties of peppers to choose from to suit any palette. Peppers also make great ornamentals and can be grown in patio containers. If you provide your plants with a sunny location and are fairly consistent about your watering (they are forgiving), you’ll end up with plenty of peppers for the eating and the saving until the first hard frost.

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In The Garden: Fall Greens

Even though we’re finally hitting 100 degree temps in Dallas, it’s already time to start thinking about your fall garden. By mid-August, you should be shopping for seeds to plant your cool season salad greens. If temperatures come down a bit by the end of August, you can start sowing seeds of lettuce, arugula, kale, and other greens. If it still feels like an oven by then, wait until mid-September to sow. Either way, now’s the time to get planning! Here’s some advice on how to do it.

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In The Garden: Plant For The Bees

It’s honey harvest time here in Texas. Beekeepers like myself are busy wrapping up their harvest and prepping hives for fall and winter. I won’t lie, the last couple of years have been tough on the bees. While this and last year’s harvest were ok, they’re slim in comparison. Many of us are struggling too keep our hives healthy under environmental pressures, pesticide spraying and a host of other issues. I personally re-queened some of my hives 4 times this spring to no avail. If you didn’t know that bees are having a tough go of it right now, then you must be one of those lucky people that doesn’t watch any news! These important pollinators are falling victim to some major blows such as habitat destruction, mass crop monocultures, heavy pesticide use, weather, and a host of pests and diseases made worse by all of the above.

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5 Local Shops that will Make Your Outdoors Great

Plants not looking too pretty in the Texas heat? Time to upgrade your pots? Or maybe you just need a new lounge chair to catch some rays. These shops have got you and your garden covered. From any sort of plant you could desire to classes on how to care for them, (and even Christmas trees when it ’tis the season), we’ve got the top five spots that will help make your outdoors great.

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Fresh Cuts for August: Avant Garden

Confession: We’ve spent whole afternoons admiring event planner Todd Fiscus’ work. We’ve also spent afternoons drooling over arrangements from Avant Garden. It only makes sense that the two purveyors of pretty are connected—Todd Events owns the Highland Park Village floral shop.

When we stopped by earlier today to check out their selection of blooms for August, we were amazed by the array of colors, sizes, and amazing scents. Avant Garden has just received a huge shipment from Holland: think giant hydrangeas, garden roses, and much more. This month you’ll see a lot of rich, jewel-toned colors when it comes to flowers, transforming centerpieces into statement pieces.

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