Party Pics: Thrift Studio’s Opening Night

The opening night at Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio was filled with pretty spaces, pretty people, a lot of excitement in the air, and our faithful D Home paparazzi, Matthew Shelley. He was there snapping pics of it all, which we have now organized into a gallery for your perusal and enjoyment.

Thus far, Thrift Studio has been a smashing success — so much so, that when Jessica and I stopped by to check out the vignettes the next day, almost all the items were sold! But don’t worry, they’ll be replenishing the supplies every day.

If you missed out on how the vignettes looked opening night, you can see them here.

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Make This Now: Easter-Ready Edible Nests

Easter’s only a few days away, and if you’re looking for a simple holiday treat or a fun activity for your candy-addled kids, look no further. These edible bird nests are simple to make, look adorable when they’re done, and best of all, taste great. I first made them for a wedding shower a few months ago, and they were a big hit, so I made a batch for the office this week. Margaux has a weird thing about only eating Peeps after they’ve gone stale, but everyone else enjoyed them. Here’s how make them yourself.

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Dear Dallas: Back Away From the Hedge Trimmers

I’m always impressed when I see a commercial landscape renovation done right, at least at the get go. To have a beautiful garden in the summer, designers have to select Texas tough, water-wise plants and arrange them in a thoughtful and logical way. The goal is to create a public space that is both beautiful and can survive the summer water restrictions. You know — like a parking lot you’d actually find attractive. But then someone picks up a power trimmer and it all goes to you know where in a hand basket. Here’s how to avoid the over-trimming while keeping your plants, and garden, healthy and happy.

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Architecture 360: Explore What Makes Dallas’ Buildings Cool

“Cool Spaces! : The Best New Architecture” is a new television series currently airing on public television.  Each hour-long episode profiles the most provocative and innovative public space architecture in the U.S. and is organized around a central theme — such as performance spaces or art spaces. Tonight, the Dallas Center for Architecture (DCFA) will host a screening of the premiere episode, one which highlights performance spaces and features our very own HKS-designed AT&T Stadium.

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Take a Peek into the Thrift Studio

Haven’t had a chance to stop by Dwell with Dignity’s Thrift Studio yet? That’s okay, we did it for you. While the majority of the items in these vignettes are already sold out, don’t fret — they’ll be replenishing the goods on a daily basis. Stop by for the rest of the month to pick up some stylish furnishings, all while benefitting a good cause.

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From the Pages of D Home: Chest King

David Sutherland loved the cabinet on sight. The showroom owner first laid eyes on it in an issue of Objekt International. Crafted by artists Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel of Studio Job, the piece is inspired by the robber barons of the 19th century — despots, oligarchs, and financiers. Sutherland bought it at the Carpenters Workshop in London and transported it home “very carefully by air freight to Miami and then by truck to Dallas,” he says. Sutherland notes that the stories of war and industry are cast in bronze in panels on all sides. “The ‘shotgun’ hole through the center is, in a way, laying low the greed and avarice so evident in the details,” he says.

Here’s some stats on the chest:

  • The piece is cast in all bronze and finished in 24-karat gold.
  • The artists made five pieces for sale and two artist proofs. This piece is the first artist proof.
  • It was designed and executed by Studio Job, which is two artists — Belgium-born Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel from the Netherlands.
  • It weighs approximately 2,000 pounds (roughly the weight of a full-grown hippo or elephant).
  • “I’ll store tequila in it,” David Sutherland says.
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At Home with Tracy Martin Taylor: Finding the Perfect Piece of Art

Oh art, how do I choose thee?

Spring is a big season for art in our mighty metropolis. We’ve had The Deep Ellum Arts Festival, the Main Street Arts Festival in Fort Worth, and more on the way. The Dallas Art Fair Preview Gala was just as fabulous as expected, mostly because of the incredible pieces showcased. While wandering through the areas, it was interesting to observe other’s reactions to the show and the pieces on display.

Clients are always telling me “I want a really cool piece of art right there, but I don’t know what to get.” There’s the conundrum. Which piece is really cool and which piece isn’t? Fortunately, I have the 5 rules of what makes a great piece of art. Just kidding.

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Freshen Up Fridays: The Man Cave (Garage)

I bet when you think of your garage the first adjective that comes to mind isn’t cute. Just a guess.

I imagine dusty, dark, and disorganized might come before anything similar to the word “cute.” Maybe you use yours for your guy’s man cave or as a place to store old junk; either way, Mandy Barnes with Metroplex Home Organizer has a few ideas to take your garage from slightly jumbled to fresh, clean, and perhaps even adorable.

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