Irises: How can you not love them? Even the pink ones.

I’m not into pink. I have an established preferred color palette in my garden that includes shades of blue, orange, purple, peach, chartreuse, white and silver. I’m a little neurotic about it. When my wedding bouquet showed up in shades of pink and lavender, instead of the agreed upon deep purples, burgundy and chartreuse, more than just a few expletives escaped my my mouth. I’m pretty sure I scared the daylights out of the poor delivery girl. So yes, me and pink have a sorted history. Yet, it has a way of worming it’s way into my garden despite my best efforts to keep it at bay. It’s vexing. Most plants sold as “peach” or “apricot” typically end up turning pink. That’s how pink keeps sneaking in. But when it shows up in the form of the stunning iris you see above (I call it “The Offender”), what can I do? I was promised these pass-along irises were white. White. Yet, pink and lavender they are. Well played pink, well played.

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Architecture 360: Take a Peek into The Hospitality Sweet

This April we’re celebrating Architecture Month with AIA. Every Wednesday and Friday I’ll be introducing you to a guest blogger who will tell us all about whats happening in the Dallas architecture world. Today Kelly Mitchell is going to talk to us about the history and transformation of one of our favorite Downtown haunts, the Hospitality Sweet. 

The ‘Old’ Post Office and Federal Building at 400 North Ervay in downtown Dallas was originally opened in 1930. In addition to being home to the United States Post Office, it also housed the Federal Court System, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and numerous other government offices and agencies. In 2011, the upper levels were beautifully converted into apartments and the lobby was restored. While the USPS operation onsite has been reduced, it still remains open on the ground floor.

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We Want Your Submissions for Life In Color Right Now

Are you growing tired of my efforts to convince, cajole, and challenge you to submit your colorful rooms for our annual Life in Color contest? Well, too bad. You have but little more than a week to get your colorful creations to us. I will say that we have some beautiful submissions so far. But we are greedy people, and we want more. So here’s what you’re going to do: go here, fill it out, upload some pics, and then we’ll call it a day. In case you need reminding, winners of this lovely and amazing contest (sponsored by Benjamin Moore and Texas Paint and Wallpaper) will get some love in the July/August D Home. And there’s more! There’s also the reward of a platinum-level discount card Texas Paint and Wallpaper. So get to work!

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Six Spots for Bluebonnet Photo Opps in DFW

With the few bouts of April showers we’ve been getting, wild flowers have sprung up around the metroplex. Our lovely state flower has made its debut and blooms of bluebonnets await you and your camera for the perfect springtime photo opportunity. We’ve compiled a list of locations for you to easily access these blue-hued beauties.

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Architecture 360: Driving Thru the Nasher to Pay Homage to Our Downtown History

This April we’re celebrating Architecture Month with AIA. Every Wednesday and Friday I’ll be introducing you to a guest blogger who will tell us all about whats happening in the Dallas architecture world. Today we’re chatting with Greg Brown, the program director of the Dallas Center for Architecture, about Dallas’ car culture and how a new exhibit at the Nasher relates to architecture. 

Ross Avenue has long been a thoroughfare important to Dallas and its downtown. Beginning in the 1890’s, it was our “Silk Stocking District,” THE place for merchants, doctors, lawyers, and a certain newspaper publisher named Belo to live.  With the advent of the automobile, it became “Automobile Row,” lined with car dealerships and service stations. Today, it remains a busy boulevard through the heart of downtown.

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Freshen Up Fridays: Five Cleaning Products For The Whole Home

I have a confession: I’m a bit of a clean freak. (Has writing this blog series given it away?) I cringe at piled up dishes in the sink or dust bunnies in a corner. Glistening countertops and floors clean enough to eat off of are a few of my favorite things, but I know that sometimes when schedules start to get messy, so do our homes. That’s why this week, instead of focusing on home organization, we’re going a bit deeper into cleanliness.

At my house, we have an entire closet dedicated to cleaning supplies. Some we use often, others are gathering the dust they’re meant to sanitize. Thinking about this closet dedicated to cleanliness–a common happening in lots of homes–I wondered if it is even a necessity. So I asked Melinda Massie, owner of Organizing with a Side of Fabulous, what five products she’d recommend for her clients if they could only have these to clean their entire homes. See if you could do it all with this team of five.

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