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10 Most Beautiful: 6906 Lakewood Boulevard

I have driven down Lakewood Boulevard more times than I can count. My husband grew up on the street and we have been making the trek to his parents house–almost weekly—for the nine years we’ve been together. And every time we round the bend at Lakewood and Lakeshore, I do a double take. I don’t know if it’s the freshly manicured grounds, the interesting half-timbering detail on just the one side of the house (why the one side? all a part of the mystique, I guess), or the crisp, white stone veneer exterior that makes me happy.

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Real Estate Report: What $5 Million Buys You

Today’s What This Buys You budget is the high price tag of $5 million. No, the average Dallas dweller can not afford a home in this price range, but it’s still fun to look inside, right? (It’s one of our favorite vehicles of voyeurism.) Today’s properties include a sprawling manse in Preston Hollow, an East Dallas gem in The Cloisters, and a new build in the exclusive area of Vaquero.

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