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Splurge/Save/Steal: Multi-Bulb Fixtures

One of the fastest ways to make a room look more modern is to update the light fixture. Replacing a sad old ceiling fan or a tired wrought-iron chandelier with a bold, eye-catching pendant adds instant style and lights up a room (literally and figuratively). If you, like us, love the sleek look of multi-armed, bare-bulbed fixtures, here are three options at varying price points you can bring home now.

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A Sneak Peek of Pirch

Yesterday was the media preview of Pirch, the new home plumbing and appliance store opening to the public this Saturday at NorthPark Center, and a few lucky D Home staffers were able to get a sneak peek of the space. The California-based company has made their Texas debut in a big, beautiful way, with a store that’s high on style and low on pressure, with an emphasis on experience. They carry the best brands in fridges, faucets, stoves, showers, and more, and they partner with more than 50 brands of cabinetry-, countertop-, and tile-makers to make it a one-stop kitchen, bath, and outdoor wonderland.

So what should you know before you visit?

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10 Most Beautiful: 3620 Vintage Place

I mean. How charming is this beauty? Someone in our meeting said it looked like a house that elves would live in, and let me be clear: It was meant in the most complimentary of ways. We really like elves.

Let’s talk about that roofline. It’s the first thing you notice, and you can’t help but be charmed by its unpretentious, welcoming aesthetic and its unconventional curve. Something about it reminds me of a girl in a curtsy, as though the house is coquettishly grateful to be being admired. It knows it’s cute, and it’s not afraid to flirt.

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You Can Own Hunter Mahan’s House

In our latest issue, we take readers inside pro golfer Hunter Mahan’s tricked-out Preston Hollow home. If the gorgeous photos and long list of amenities left you drooling, you’re in luck! The house is on the market. And for those of you who get up in arms about our seven-figure Real Estate Reports, steel yourself: The property is listed at $9.5 million.

It’s not exactly chump change, but when you consider what you’re getting for the price—a state-of-the-art basement man cave featuring a gym, golf-simulator room, basketball half-court, and 12-car garage; a kitchen decked out with a Wolf range and Dornbracht faucet with foot-pedal controls; stunning outdoor living areas and an outdoor kitchen; and beautiful designer light fixtures in every room of the house—it’s practically a steal. And while we can’t promise your golf game will get better just because you bought real estate from a tour pro, it certainly couldn’t hurt it, could it?

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10 Most Beautiful: 6657 Lakewood Dr.

This house in particular jumped out at me for a couple of reasons. Of course, that pair of twisted columns in the front catches your eye right away, as does the vivid Spanish tile roof. I’m also a sucker for a stained glass window. Maybe it’s my Catholic upbringing, I don’t know. But something about that one mismatched window and the way it mimics the rounded arches between the banisters pleases my eye.

But maybe my favorite facet of this 84-year-old gem is the well-manicured ivy. Ivy’s one of those things that either works on a house or it doesn’t. It’s like a man with a beard. And this house wears it with confidence.

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What We’re Pinning: Celebrity Spaces

We’re not embarrassed to admit that we read People magazine more frequently than we do Newsweek. (OK, we’re actually a lot embarrassed to admit that.) But this is an honest space, and we’re coming clean like Hilary Duff.

So we like to indulge our inner fangirls from time to time and realize that, contrary to what US Weekly would have us believe, Stars: They’re Not Always Just Like Us. To that end, we’ve been adding pretty pictures of the places that pretty people spend their time in to our new Celebrity Spaces board. Check out Leonardo DiCaprio’s swank LA bachelor pad, or the Manhattan digs of his ex-girlfriend, Cameron Diaz. And then there’s the drop-dead gorgeous outdoor living space at George Clooney’s Mexican getaway, which, we just so happen to know, connects to pal Rande Gerber’s (aka Mr. Cindy Crawford) vacation home.

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Put Your Blueberries to Good (Tasty) Use

In our May/June issue, our dearly departed assistant food editor Carol Shih told you some of the best places in the area to pick blueberries. For the purposes of this blog post, I’m going to assume that, upon reading her article, you dropped everything you were doing and headed straight for those farms and now your fridge is bursting at the seam with blueberries. (You’re such a good, instruction-following reader.)

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with just popping these delectable little pods right into your mouth, but if you’re looking for another way to get your daily dose of blueberries, try this blueberry galette recipe from Rush Patisserie owner Samantha Rush. It’s a delicious summertime treat that you should make and then invite us over to have some. (Hey, you’re so good at following instructions, it was worth a shot.)

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What We’re Pinning: Black and White and Beautiful All Over

I’m not known for being a risk-taker. I order my burgers medium well. I cross at crosswalks. I have no desire to parachute out of a plane. (Although I did bungee jump once while on a trip to New Zealand. Peer pressure is a dangerous thing, friends.)

So you could accuse me of being a little, well, boring with my love of less-is-more color schemes for home design—something you may have noticed our Pinterest boards reflecting of late. I just really believe that a neutral palette is soothing for the soul and makes a great backdrop for eye-catching design pieces. (They’re also fairly dummy-proof.)

But evidently, I’m not the only one who loves a simple black-and-white space, as some of our pins from recent weeks have been our most popular to date.

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Splurge/Save/Steal: Juju Hat Wall Decor

I first espied a Juju hat when I wrote about Regan and Zach Carlisle’s Park Cities home for our January/February issue (photo below). Above one of their daughter’s beds hung what looked like a coral-colored feather wreath of sorts. It was such a beautiful, whimsical touch that made the room look sophisticated yet not overly serious.

The same way that, when you hear a word for the first time, it starts popping up in every book you read and conversation you have, I started noticing these feathered beauties everywhere. I learned a little more about their origin, as well: Juju hats are ritual headdresses worn by tribal chiefs in the African country of Cameroon. Lately, they’ve risen in popularity among design enthusiasts for their vivid colors and texture, and they really do add personality and pop to any room. Here are three versions in a range of price points to suit any budget.

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