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How to Get Organized—and Charitable—in 2015

Our January/February issue has some great advice from professional organizers on how to tackle and tame the clutter in your home. I must admit to having some hoarder tendencies, but I do love an occasional clean-out. I used the time off around the holidays to do just that, and it felt fantastic. There’s something really liberating about letting go of the junk that’s crowding your closets and suffocating your space. With the proliferation of online “yard sale” sites (like this one), you might be tempted to try to get some cash for your discards, but is it really worth the embarrassment of all your Facebook friends seeing you “bump” your unwanted Steve Madden boots day after day without so much as a *? (For the uninitiated, that’s a sign of interest.) C’mon. You don’t need ten bucks that bad.

Instead, consider one of the many worthy charitable organizations in town that will happily take what you no longer need.

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Gifts for the Nature Lover: Shadowbox Sculptures

So you need another gift for the great outdoorsman or -woman in your life, do you? (They’re kinda materialistic for someone so into nature, don’t you think?) Not to worry, I’ve got just the thing. If your loved one is happiest when they’re near the ocean, these shadowbox sculptures from Neiman Marcus will take them away to a warm, sandy destination—in their mind, at least. There are six tropical leaf and coral designs to choose from, each of which are cast out of resin and framed in stone shadowboxes, making them safe for outdoor or indoor display. In a genre that so often can skew souvenir-y—seashell nightlights, anyone?—this is a beautiful, subtle callback to the beach that your friend will be sure to love.

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Gifts for the Nature Lover in Your Life: Quill Bottle Opener

Don’t get me wrong, I like being outside as much as the next girl. But there are some people who just really love nature. And being one with it. Like, walk-barefoot-through-the-grass, compost-their-own-leaves-for-their-backyard-vegetable-garden, nurse-a-baby-bird-back-to-health, plant-a-love-tree-at-their-wedding nature lovers, man. And while I am not one of those people, I know some of those people. And because I am not one of those people, I sometimes find it hard to shop for those people. The struggle is real.

But I’m a generous sort. I’ve found gorgeous gifts that the nature lover in your life will appreciate, and I’m sharing them with you, dear reader—starting with this quill bottle opener from Anthropologie.

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Splurge/Save/Steal: Serving Sets

Thanksgiving is only two days away and oh my gosh your Mother-in-Law is going to give you that look of disapproval if you don’t have a Plymouth Rock-worthy feast on the table by 2 p.m. and you’ve still got to clean the house and did you remember to take the turkey out of the freezer and hey, whatever happened to those napkin rings you bought and if your husband thinks you’re watching football while you eat he’s got another thing coming and DEEP BREATHS. Even if your turkey roasting skills leave a little something to be desired, you can still look like a hostess with the mostest with a pretty serving set. Once your guests get a glimpse of your fancy wares, they’ll be so dazzled that they won’t even notice the smoke alarm blaring (and you frantically waving a towel below it). Here are three of our favorite sets at three different price points.

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Splurge/Save/Steal: Multi-Bulb Fixtures

One of the fastest ways to make a room look more modern is to update the light fixture. Replacing a sad old ceiling fan or a tired wrought-iron chandelier with a bold, eye-catching pendant adds instant style and lights up a room (literally and figuratively). If you, like us, love the sleek look of multi-armed, bare-bulbed fixtures, here are three options at varying price points you can bring home now.

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A Sneak Peek of Pirch

Yesterday was the media preview of Pirch, the new home plumbing and appliance store opening to the public this Saturday at NorthPark Center, and a few lucky D Home staffers were able to get a sneak peek of the space. The California-based company has made their Texas debut in a big, beautiful way, with a store that’s high on style and low on pressure, with an emphasis on experience. They carry the best brands in fridges, faucets, stoves, showers, and more, and they partner with more than 50 brands of cabinetry-, countertop-, and tile-makers to make it a one-stop kitchen, bath, and outdoor wonderland.

So what should you know before you visit?

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10 Most Beautiful: 3620 Vintage Place

I mean. How charming is this beauty? Someone in our meeting said it looked like a house that elves would live in, and let me be clear: It was meant in the most complimentary of ways. We really like elves.

Let’s talk about that roofline. It’s the first thing you notice, and you can’t help but be charmed by its unpretentious, welcoming aesthetic and its unconventional curve. Something about it reminds me of a girl in a curtsy, as though the house is coquettishly grateful to be being admired. It knows it’s cute, and it’s not afraid to flirt.

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You Can Own Hunter Mahan’s House

In our latest issue, we take readers inside pro golfer Hunter Mahan’s tricked-out Preston Hollow home. If the gorgeous photos and long list of amenities left you drooling, you’re in luck! The house is on the market. And for those of you who get up in arms about our seven-figure Real Estate Reports, steel yourself: The property is listed at $9.5 million.

It’s not exactly chump change, but when you consider what you’re getting for the price—a state-of-the-art basement man cave featuring a gym, golf-simulator room, basketball half-court, and 12-car garage; a kitchen decked out with a Wolf range and Dornbracht faucet with foot-pedal controls; stunning outdoor living areas and an outdoor kitchen; and beautiful designer light fixtures in every room of the house—it’s practically a steal. And while we can’t promise your golf game will get better just because you bought real estate from a tour pro, it certainly couldn’t hurt it, could it?

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