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How To: Fix a Pulled Stitch

Playing with an energetic puppy is like sunshine for the soul. It’s also, as I learned recently, hell on your jeans. Those precious little paws boast sharp little claws that pull out stitches with amazing aplomb. As do exposed nails, if you’re clumsy enough to graze one in your favorite cardigan. Also the prongs of a ring, as you slip your arm through the sleeve of a loose-knit sweater. I’m not very graceful, is what I’m trying to say.

So what do you do when you have a snagged thread protruding nastily from your clothes?

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Splurge vs. Save: Adirondack Chairs

While driving through neighborhoods scouting for our annual 10 Most Beautiful Homes issue, editor Laura Kostelny and I noticed an astonishing number of Adirondack chairs. Sometimes they appeared in pairs, some were arranged in a circle around a fire pit, and in some super adorable instances, they were joined by pint-sized versions for the little ones in the family. But regardless of color, size, or arrangement, this particular style was the only chair game in town. And now that the rain has abated (even if just for a few more hours), it’s the perfect time to snag yourself a seat and watch the world go by from the comfort of your front lawn. Here are options at two different price points to suit your needs.

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DIY Wednesday: Sharpie Mugs

This is part of a regular series in which I attempt (operative word) D.I.Y. projects and bring you, dear reader, the results. The good. The bad. And the hideous. I’ll offer step-by-step instructions so that you can D.I.Y. along with me.

Based on the frequency with which the Sharpie mug DIY appears in my Pinterest feed, it seems as though people really feel the need to express themselves on their drinking instruments and there’s a dearth of mugs on the market that can adequately get their sentiments across. A Sharpie mug, for the uninitiated, is a mug. That you draw on. With Sharpie. And then drink drinks from. End of DIY!

Well, it’s almost that simple.

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DIY Wednesday: Naked Cake

Our last installment of DIY Wednesday was our most successful to date—and you guys responded in kind! I heard wonderful feedback from a number of you, all of whom said you wanted more posts like that one. And I was determined to give that to you, dear readers.

But then I got hungry. Whoopsie.

You see, the editors who bring you D Home are also the editors who bring you D Weddings, and we’re currently hard at work on the Fall/Winter 2015 issue. As such, we’ve been inundated with pictures of beautiful local weddings, including a lot of delicious-looking cakes. A great many of them have been of the “naked” variety—meaning, as any Pinterest addict can tell you, that the exterior of the cake is unfrosted and the layers are left exposed. The resulting effect can be quite stunning, but I wondered just how difficult it would be to replicate this look on your own.

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Splurge/Save/Steal: Tufted Beds

onsidering we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping, your bed should be a place you love. Lest you think that’s all riding on the right mattress, comfy pillows, and a warm blanket, I submit that the right bed is just as crucial a piece in this slumber puzzle. Intricately carved headboards aren’t my favorite for the simple fact that when I sit up against it, the pattern hurts the back of my head. Spindle headboards? Forget about it—my pillow starts to ooze between the slats, giving me a rather uneven place to lay my head. No headboard? What are you, a cave man?

Personally, I’m a fan of the fabric headboard for the simple fact that it’s like a pillow for your pillow. But you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to get a lot of comfort. Take a look at these three beds at three very different price points.

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DIY Wednesday: Ikea Dresser Hack

I knew I had to redeem myself after my last DIY Wednesday. It was, to put it mildly, an #epicfail. So this week, I decided to go big. I decided to involve power tools. I decided to build something from scratch Ikea. And then I decided to make it better.

Here’s the backstory you didn’t ask for and don’t care about: I’m getting married in November, at which point my fiancé will be moving in with me. My place is, admittedly, not the biggest. And like most lovable hoarders, I’ve filled every closet, cabinet, and drawer over the four years I’ve lived there. But now that another human will be sharing my space, it’s time to purge to make some room for him and his stuff. But you know what’s way easier than throwing away clothes and knick-knacks to empty out drawers? Buying more drawers.

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DIY Wednesday: Floral Paperweight

This is part of a regular series in which I attempt (operative word) D.I.Y. projects and bring you, dear reader, the results. The good. The bad. And the hideous. I’ll offer step-by-step instructions so that you can D.I.Y. along with me.

Can you believe it was only a month ago that we were frantically knitting scarves on our arms to prepare for the Arctic blast bearing down on us? Now, the trees are blooming, restaurant patios are packed to the gills, and men are once again treating us to the sight of their bare toes. Ah, spring.

But more than just exposed male phalanges, this season also brings colorful new blooms to our floral shops. On a recent visit to Central Market, I espied a bouquet of beautiful ranunculus that I decided to treat myself to. Because I am an adult with a job and I can choose to spend my money on whatever I deem essential. Like a kid who puts a bug in a jar in an attempt to keep it forever (kids do that, right?), I decided to mimic a dandelion paperweight how-to that I’d seen with a few ranunculus blossoms.

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