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Splurge/Save: Clean-Lined Dressers

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect dresser-cum-nightstand for a few months now. Perhaps you’ll even be seeing one in a future DIY Wednesday post (that’s what we in the business call a TEASE). Thanks to the hours I’ve spent searching the Internet at work research I’ve been doing of late, I’ve noticed some repetition in styles at a variety of price points. Granted, it’s hard to completely reinvent the wheel when it comes to a rectangular frame housing drawers. But some are so similar that it seems silly to spend the extra hundreds of bucks that the higher-end stores command. Take these two five-drawer dressers, for instance.

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Top Five Pins This Week

I like to think our Pinterest page tells a little story. This week’s popular pins start off rather gray—and I mean that as a compliment. Perhaps everyone’s been binging on House of Cards season 3 and getting inspired by the all-neutral-errthing color palette (I mean, can we talk about Claire’s amazing wardrobe?), or maybe it’s just the gray weather we’ve been having. But things start out pretty dramatic.

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D.I.Y. Wednesday: Shamrock Marshmallows

This is part of a regular series in which I attempt (operative word) D.I.Y. projects and bring you, dear reader, the results. The good. The bad. And the hideous. I’ll offer step-by-step instructions so that you can D.I.Y. along with me.

Saint Patrick’s Day is less than a week away, and you know what that means…

Actually, I’m not really sure what that means. This isn’t really a holiday you have to prepare for, as it doesn’t really involve anything but wearing green and heavy drinking. It’s not like you need to prepare a big meal or get the members of your family St. Patrick’s Day presents, right? If you do, my family’s been doing things very wrong.

Still, maybe you want to celebrate the day with a special treat. Something festive that your friends can enjoy, or at least, ingest in an effort to soak up some of the booze from their stomachs. In that case, I’ve got just the thing for you. Say it with me: traditional St. Patrick’s Day Homemade Shamrock Marshmallows!

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Preview the New Arteriors Showroom

Yesterday, we got a sneak peek of the long-awaited Arteriors showroom that opens to the public tomorrow in the Design District. Over the past eight months, the Arteriors team has been giving the 5,000-square-foot space on Dragon Street, once home to John Gregory Studios, a complete facelift. “We looked for this space for 2.5 years,” said Arteriors founder and creative director Mark Moussa.

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D.I.Y. Wednesday: Making an Arm Scarf

This is the first in a regular series in which I attempt (operative word) D.I.Y. projects and bring you, dear reader, the results. The good. The bad. And the hideous. I’ll offer step-by-step instructions so that you can D.I.Y. along with me.

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s completely disgusting outside. And cue the sad trombone: It’s going to get worse. Like, in a matter of hours. Maybe you optimistically left the house this morning sans your I-live-in-a-frozen-tundra gear, because the temperature was a balmy 50 degrees. But now you’re checking the forecast and realizing that by the time you leave work, it’s going to be considerably more miserable. Well, if you happen to have two skeins of yarn at your desk, because who doesn’t, boy are you in luck! You’ve got just enough time to churn out a “30-minute arm scarf,” like I did yesterday. Or, in my case, an “hour-and-a-half arm scarf,” which has considerably less of a ring to it.

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Timothy Oulton to Close in March

Sad news: Timothy Oulton—the British import that opened in June 2012 in the historic Potter Metal Art Studio space at Central and Henderson—will be closing in March. “We’re going to focus more on our gateway cities: New York, L.A., San Francisco,” says interim gallery manager Sadie Morgan, though she doesn’t rule out a return to Dallas in the future. For their last hurrah, the store is having a “huge” sale that will run until they close their Union Jack-emblazoned doors for good. So if you’re in the market for some bold home-decor furniture and accessories—or you just want to see that yellow submarine one last time—get there soon.

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How to Get Organized—and Charitable—in 2015

Our January/February issue has some great advice from professional organizers on how to tackle and tame the clutter in your home. I must admit to having some hoarder tendencies, but I do love an occasional clean-out. I used the time off around the holidays to do just that, and it felt fantastic. There’s something really liberating about letting go of the junk that’s crowding your closets and suffocating your space. With the proliferation of online “yard sale” sites (like this one), you might be tempted to try to get some cash for your discards, but is it really worth the embarrassment of all your Facebook friends seeing you “bump” your unwanted Steve Madden boots day after day without so much as a *? (For the uninitiated, that’s a sign of interest.) C’mon. You don’t need ten bucks that bad.

Instead, consider one of the many worthy charitable organizations in town that will happily take what you no longer need.

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Gifts for the Nature Lover: Shadowbox Sculptures

So you need another gift for the great outdoorsman or -woman in your life, do you? (They’re kinda materialistic for someone so into nature, don’t you think?) Not to worry, I’ve got just the thing. If your loved one is happiest when they’re near the ocean, these shadowbox sculptures from Neiman Marcus will take them away to a warm, sandy destination—in their mind, at least. There are six tropical leaf and coral designs to choose from, each of which are cast out of resin and framed in stone shadowboxes, making them safe for outdoor or indoor display. In a genre that so often can skew souvenir-y—seashell nightlights, anyone?—this is a beautiful, subtle callback to the beach that your friend will be sure to love.

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