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What We’re Pinning: Brag-Worthy Bathrooms

If you were given $10,000 to spend on any room in your home right now, which would you choose? Would it be your kitchen—the heart of the home? Maybe your master bedroom—a relaxing oasis where you can unwind at the end of the day? Perhaps the living room, so the whole family can have a comfortable spot to kick back.

How many of you said your bathroom? Not many, I’d guess. Bathrooms have a tendency to get left til last, even though it’s a space you use every day. And while, sure, it’s space that has to be functional, that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful, too. And if you think you don’t spend enough time in your bathroom to make it worth blowing the budget on, think of it this way: Maybe you’d be tempted to spend more time in there if it looked like one of the pretty powder rooms on our Pinterest page! (Jump to access the slideshow of beautiful bathroom inspiration pics!) Soaker tub + soothing surroundings + a copy of the latest D Home = a pretty good way to spend an hour, if you ask me.

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Where to Celebrate National Vinyl Record Day

Do you know what tomorrow is? (Yes, this, but that’s not what I’m referring to.) It’s August 12, aka National Vinyl Record Day! No longer just the purview of hipsters and old-timers, the LP’s recent revival has been well documented. Locally, vinyl has taken a strong foothold in the last year, with the opening of several new record shops and haunts. And though the proliferation of made-up holidays like National Vinyl Record Day is a bit tiresome, we think this is one worth celebrating regardless because who doesn’t love cool new tunes? (Also: air-conditioning, which all of the following places have.) Here are the best spots in town to mark the occasion

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IKEA Recalls Our DIY Malm Dresser

I’m still loving my hacked IKEA nightstand, the one whose transformation I detailed on this blog in one of my DIY Wednesday posts. But this week, the Swedish furniture maker announced a recall on 27 million such Malm dressers, which can tip over if not properly anchored to a wall. Sadly, this resulted in the death of two children in 2014.

Rather than bring your dresser back to the store, IKEA is offering anchor kits to anyone who has purchased a dresser. You can get a kit by visiting an IKEA store, calling 888-966-4532, or visiting

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What Should D Home Test Next?

In every issue of D Home, we road test products or services and bring you the results. We’ve gained weight in an attempt to lose weight. We’ve scoured every grocery store in town looking for the best bargain bouquets. We’ve subjected our bodies to streaky self tans—all in the name of serving you, dear reader. Because you deserve to know what’s worth your hard-earned dollar and what isn’t. In our latest issue, we tried out five clothes hangers to see which were the most functional, most cost-effective, and best performing. (Do you disagree with our results or have a favorite hanger that we didn’t test? Let us know in the comments!)

Now we want to know: What would you like to see us test? What products or services have you always been curious about but never had the time or energy to try yourself? You may see your suggestion in a future issue of D Home!

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What Your Favorite Firework Says About Your Style

As you’re watching fireworks this weekend, the thing you’re likely to hear—aside from the whistle-and-boom of the fireworks themselves and patriotic tunes piped in over your FM dial—is debate over which kind of firework is the best. Maybe you’re a Roman Candle kind of guy. Maybe you prefer the ones that look like giant, glittery weeping willows. Maybe bright colors are your thing. While there’s no wrong answer, your firework fancy does say a lot about you.

We’ve taken five commonly seen fireworks and found a local home design store to match each personality type. So whether you prefer loud and proud or subtle and timeless, you can find furnishings to suit your style. And if you still don’t know where to go for great fireworks shows this weekend, check out D’s exhaustive list.

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How To: Fix a Pulled Stitch

Playing with an energetic puppy is like sunshine for the soul. It’s also, as I learned recently, hell on your jeans. Those precious little paws boast sharp little claws that pull out stitches with amazing aplomb. As do exposed nails, if you’re clumsy enough to graze one in your favorite cardigan. Also the prongs of a ring, as you slip your arm through the sleeve of a loose-knit sweater. I’m not very graceful, is what I’m trying to say.

So what do you do when you have a snagged thread protruding nastily from your clothes?

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Splurge vs. Save: Adirondack Chairs

While driving through neighborhoods scouting for our annual 10 Most Beautiful Homes issue, editor Laura Kostelny and I noticed an astonishing number of Adirondack chairs. Sometimes they appeared in pairs, some were arranged in a circle around a fire pit, and in some super adorable instances, they were joined by pint-sized versions for the little ones in the family. But regardless of color, size, or arrangement, this particular style was the only chair game in town. And now that the rain has abated (even if just for a few more hours), it’s the perfect time to snag yourself a seat and watch the world go by from the comfort of your front lawn. Here are options at two different price points to suit your needs.

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DIY Wednesday: Sharpie Mugs

This is part of a regular series in which I attempt (operative word) D.I.Y. projects and bring you, dear reader, the results. The good. The bad. And the hideous. I’ll offer step-by-step instructions so that you can D.I.Y. along with me.

Based on the frequency with which the Sharpie mug DIY appears in my Pinterest feed, it seems as though people really feel the need to express themselves on their drinking instruments and there’s a dearth of mugs on the market that can adequately get their sentiments across. A Sharpie mug, for the uninitiated, is a mug. That you draw on. With Sharpie. And then drink drinks from. End of DIY!

Well, it’s almost that simple.

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DIY Wednesday: Naked Cake

Our last installment of DIY Wednesday was our most successful to date—and you guys responded in kind! I heard wonderful feedback from a number of you, all of whom said you wanted more posts like that one. And I was determined to give that to you, dear readers.

But then I got hungry. Whoopsie.

You see, the editors who bring you D Home are also the editors who bring you D Weddings, and we’re currently hard at work on the Fall/Winter 2015 issue. As such, we’ve been inundated with pictures of beautiful local weddings, including a lot of delicious-looking cakes. A great many of them have been of the “naked” variety—meaning, as any Pinterest addict can tell you, that the exterior of the cake is unfrosted and the layers are left exposed. The resulting effect can be quite stunning, but I wondered just how difficult it would be to replicate this look on your own.

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