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Nate Burkus for Target Hits the Mark

Target’s designer collaborations, for me, have been decidedly more miss than hit. I’ve found the hype rarely lives up to the end-product (remember Missoni madness?), and it pains me to write this, as I do love me some Tarjay action.

So my M.O. is to let the hoopla die down a bit after a designer line launches before I quietly slink over to the big red bullseye in my neighborhood to check out the goods firsthand.

I did just that last weekend to check out the recently launched goods from designer/total cutie Nate Berkus, and friends, I’m happy to report that Mr. Berkus hit the mark. The faux tortoiseshells, rustic baskets, chunky chain links, and Studio 54-esque gold vases pack a punch. It’s fun stuff, well-priced, and not shoddily made.

There’s an awfully good chance that yellow tortoiseshell will find itself happily ensconced in my casa at some point in the very near future… Just sayin’.