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The Perfect “Plant” for The Green Thumb Challenged

Contrary to my reputation, I struggle with plants. I love them, have them all over my house, but my track record with keeping them alive is a solid 50/50. The secret weapon behind my perceived plant prowess is actually my husband. He is a plant whisperer extraordinaire (but don’t tell him I told you, as I like to keep him humble).

So my first thought when I stumbled upon Houston based Michelle Weddle’s genius Waterstone Succulents on Etsy was, “this is a plant I can get behind.” They’re impossible to kill, cool looking…I’m in.

Ryan, are you with me?

  • Ryan Conner

    I’m so there.

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  • Gm

    Thank you thank you thank you for this post. I, too, have killed plants that landscapers say cant die.

  • Chris Unruh

    Oh, no, Joslyn! Do not do this. Go back, follow the light of the real plants! You can do this! I have to say, I saw these a few months ago and thought, ‘wow, I wonder how she got them to grow silver. Love the pot.” Then I realized they are plastic. Yes, let’s be honest. It’s the equivelent of silk flowers which are yucky and gross. Please go back to live succulents.. even if the hubby has to take care of them.

  • joslyn

    Chris — No worries, I could never totally abandon my beloved live succulents 😉

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