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The Pitfalls of My Ongoing Pinterest Love Affair

I have scads of copy to file today, so of course I’ve been trolling¬†Pinterest for the past hour. (Apparently my approach to writer’s block is total avoidance/denial. It’s a bad scene.)

And one Mrs. Marybeth Reid of Dallas is not helping matters any, what with all the eye candy on her interiors-centric Pinterest boards… There are the cool pools,¬†and the gallery walls, and the places to dine, and don’t even get me started on “a wee bit of indigo“.

Marybeth, you are killing me softly here.

7 comments on “The Pitfalls of My Ongoing Pinterest Love Affair

  1. That is absolutely hilarious! Marybeth is one of my most favorite people I have never met. Which I hope to remedy someday. She is so wonderful and has absolutely exquisite taste! Now the funny part, her pins the other day were so ridiculous I left her the very same comment, mb, you’re killing me!

  2. Little did I know that I’m the daughter of pinterest royalty. Thanks for giving my mom a shout-out, Joslyn.

  3. Thanks for the unexpected shout out Joslyn. Pinterest is quite the addiction for us all.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Talk about style!! Marybeth is awesome and so cool. I’ve never met her, but I am one of her Pinterest followers. That woman should start a blog. Listening, MB??