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The Anatomy of a Perfect Picnic

Chihuly is going down at the arboretum, the Performing Arts Center is in the midst of its Patio Sessions, Barefoot at the Belmont is underway, and heck it’s almost Mother’s Day.

Friends, it’s time for a picnic.

But not just any slapdash affair, no, I’m talking about a proper, grown-up enterprise, one that’s worthy of live music under the stars and elaborate glass art action and celebrating moms. In my perfect picnic scenario, there’s wine chilling in a cheerful yellow cooler, sturdy bamboo plates and utensils and real napkins tucked into a straw tote, pretty plastic wine glasses, and a cozy blanket for lounging…

Of course, yummy things to eat are key to the equation, but I’m letting my friend (and one of our resident foodies), the lovely Carol handle that department. In matters of food, she is my go-to girl. Take a peek at the deliciousness she’s engineered.

Here’s the low-down on the goods:

6 comments on “The Anatomy of a Perfect Picnic

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  2. Packaged up, this would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift! My perfect meal to accompany this would by Tim Byre’s fried chicken, Baker’s Ribs Dill Potato Salad, Velvet Taco’s Corn Elote and a bottle of cold Verdiccho from Jimmy’s.

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